Best drinking water quality directly from the tap!

Your mobile drinking water source - filtered, not shaken.

Being able to drink water directly from the tap is more than just a privilege for us people in Europe. However, our most important staple food is increasingly being polluted by contaminants - whether due to heavy metals from old pipes, harmful nitrates from agriculture, or residues from medical products such as the birth control pill or antibiotics. With UJETA's innovative filter solutions, you can still enjoy fresh water every day without hesitation - in its purest form, in drinking water quality, and with your whole family.

Freshly tapped drinking water quality!

With the mobile UJETA water filters, you quickly and conveniently tap fresh drinking water directly from the tap, without having to worry about any residues. Whether at home or on the road, once installed you have your fresh water source in the future always and everywhere with you.

  • Mobile in use both indoors and outdoors

  • Easy installation without any tools

  • Immediately ready for use in just a few steps

  • Fresh drinking water directly from the tap at any time

  • Best drinking water quality thanks to innovative filter technology and turbulence

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Very clear reasons for UJETA water filters!

Pure purity

For the human organism to function at all, it needs a daily supply of drinking water in its purest form. Whether at breakfast, in the office or during sports - the UJETA filters turn conventional tap water into a pure elixir of life.

Clean performance

UJETA water filters remove 99.9999 percent of germs, bacteria and other contaminants according to LOG 6 classification. Thus, the efficient active filters and highly sensitive membrane filters ensure a clean result with every application.

Firm bond

Due to the adsorption properties of activated carbon (accumulation on the surface), even heavy metals, chemicals and residues of medicines are reliably filtered out. Even a variety of pesticides and germs of all kinds can be eliminated.

Natural vitality

UJETA water filters are equipped with energizing crystals to vitalize the drinking water you tap. In addition, a special swirling technique refines the filtered water and virtually turns your tap into a natural water source.

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