UJETA (pronounced [:Ujeta]) is composed of the Kosovar words "Uje" for water and "Jeta" for life. Because water gives life. Moreover, drinking water is one of the most important staple foods for human beings. However, if it is contaminated or polluted with hazardous substances, it can also cause life-threatening diseases. To prevent this from happening in the first place, the valuable elixir of life must be thoroughly cleaned. Ideally, this should not be done with chemicals that would pollute the environment, but rather with natural filter technologies and water treatment systems such as UJETA Care.

Many problems, one solution!

UJETA water filters are among the smallest water treatment systems in the world. With a filter capacity of up to 5,000 liters per unit and a minimal weight of just 3 kg, UJETA Care is not only extremely effective and mobile in use. First and foremost, the innovative solution contributes to a sustainable improvement of the global drinking water supply. Thanks to the combined ultrafiltration of activated carbon and membrane filter according to LOG 6 classification, 99.999 percent of all bacteria and germs are removed, as well as heavy metals, drug residues, chlorine and chlorine degradation products, pesticides, organic compounds and even asbestos fibers. In this way, UJETA Care actively contributes to ensuring that no one on our planet ever dies of thirst again and that drinking water is available everywhere and at all times.

Many challenges, one responsibility.

Lack of drinking water supply is not only a global problem, but is also becoming an increasingly serious challenge in Europe. Worldwide, around 663 million people have no direct access to clean water. Every day, 1,400 children under the age of five alone die from diarrheal diseases, some of which are caused by contaminated or polluted drinking water. At least, that's what the 2016 Water Report by Welthungerhilfe revealed. Reason enough to face up to this responsibility and, with UJETA Care, offer a simple and, above all, cost-effective solution that can ensure safe and uncomplicated water treatment - for everyone and everywhere on our planet.


UJETA Home & Travel

Enjoy fresh water straight from the tap without hesitation, at home and when traveling.

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Buckets of fresh drinking water with probably the smallest filter system in the world.

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International water test reports

The performance of UJETA water filters is regularly checked in microbiological tests to ensure their effectiveness. In this process, before-and-after tests are carried out by renowned laboratories (e.g. the Dr. Staber laboratory, www.trinkwasserlabor.de), which measure changes in the water caused by filtration with the UJETA water filter:

The performance of UJETA filters is thus scientifically confirmed:
Bacteria, germs, drug residues, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides are all reliably filtered out and the result corresponds to drinking water quality.

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