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4x cell phone chip, 2x WLAN chip, 1x SafeSpaceCard Nature

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Das Starter Set BIG von 5D hyperwave® besteht aus 4x Handychips, 2x WLAN-Chip und 1x Safe Space Card Nature und bildet somit eine gute Grundausstattung im digitalen Zeitalter. Die Chips werden auf das Handy, Smartphone, WLAN Router, Babyphone, Laptop oder Tablet aufgeklebt oder auch auf weitere Elektrogeräte im Haushalt. Sie bestehen aus einer lang haltbaren Klebefolie. Die Safe Space Card ist so groß wie eine Visitenkarte und passt in jede Tasche – sie ist ziemlich robust, dabei aber biegsam und abwaschbar.

4x Handy Chip

The cell phone chip from 5D hyperwave® is a sensational mobile companion in the digital age. It is attached to the cell phone, smartphone, baby monitor, laptop or tablet. It converts the artificially generated mobile phone frequencies and WLAN frequencies into frequencies that are compatible with the body. The frequencies reaching the body are made biocompatible for the bioelectric system of the human body. With this support, the user can activate his self-healing powers, as the frequency stress is dissolved and thus the metabolic processes can work without disturbances. People (passive users) who are in the immediate vicinity also benefit. This is also interesting for young mothers and fathers, who are constantly with their little ones and often use the cell phone, unless they are in the untouched nature. Even without cell phone use, the chip builds up a constant protective field so that all radio frequencies generated by other users are also converted to one's own benefit.

2x WLAN chip

The WLAN chip from 5D hyperwave® is a domestic regulator for artificially generated electromagnetic fields created by wireless radio networks. The chip is glued on the WLAN router, if available and on a chip on the fuse box. This builds with a laminated symbol graphic 20 x 20 cm or larger a great light-filled field.

It converts the artificially generated mobile phone and WLAN frequencies into physically compatible frequencies. The WLAN chip provides basic interference suppression in the area of electro and geopathic interference fields (e.g. water veins, faults or crossing points of magnetic line grids) for a room.

1x SafeSpaceCard Nature

The Safe Space Card is a mobile companion to balance the technical radio and radiation exposure for the human organism in a biocompatible way. The natural field created by the information stored on the card can envelop the body in a Safe Space.

Safe Space Card is bendable, washable and very flexible, so it can be worn anywhere on the body. Directly on the skin with a good skin patch (the image on the card points towards the body) or in clothing (e.g. pants pocket). Many women conveniently wear them in their bra as well. A good permanent place is on the thymus gland, on the fontanelle under a base cap or in a cap. Successful long-term tests by electrosensitive and -sensitive people have positively confirmed it.

Sie haben 2 verschiedene Designvarianten der Card zur Auswahl, welche sich in Ihrer Wirkung allerdings nicht unterscheiden.

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