Soundtrack Clarity + 1 mobile chip


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Audio sample "Clarity":

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SET-VORTEIL: Soundtrack Clarity + 1 Handychip

Genießen Sie den Soundtrack mit Kopfhörer, so kann der Handychip auf den Kopfhörer angebracht werden. Dies ist insofern vorteilhaft, falls Sie drahtlose Kopfhörer benutzen. Somit kann der negative Einfluss von Elektrosmog an Ihrem Ohr neutralisiert und das Informationsfeld von 5D hyperwave® verstärkt werden.

Balance internal electrosmog

Everyday life with all its stress factors and illusions has caught up with you once again? The external electrosmog caused by the radiation fields surrounding us everywhere is only one factor of the energy drain in our body. The inner electrosmog, on the other hand, should not be underestimated and can also cause considerable imbalances, because it withdraws free electrons from us and has an oxidative effect.

You no longer know what to do first, what to believe and are only reacting instead of acting? The flood of information from the outside world makes the mind spin? What is right and what is wrong? Where is it going? You have many tasks to accomplish and you don't know where to start? You have had a painful experience and emotions are playing roller coaster with you? You have fears? Pressure at work or school is high, stress with colleagues, the boss, classmates? Quarrel in a relationship? And much more...

Remember that you are more than what you are experiencing and come to rest! Train your conscious being, support your body and activate the self-healing powers!

Everything in this world is in constant vibration. Every kind of matter vibrates on the atomic level. Our body, i.e. our organs and cells, also vibrate at a certain frequency. When the vibrations match in an ideal order, they harmonize with each other. Like an orchestra, where the players harmoniously play a melody with the most different instruments.

A piece of music can carry information in the form of vibrations which, depending on the type of music, can have a disharmonious, stress-triggering, energy-sapping and even illness-causing effect on our body, or a beneficial, uplifting, mood-lifting, healing effect.

Take a conscious time-out of 8 min with the Soundtrack Clarity to reorder, balance, ground and uplift your energy field as well as your field of consciousness!

Experience the sound language of the 5D hyperwave® information fields! Dive empathically into the dimensions of hyperspace!

With the balance of the left and right brain hemisphere we can balance the everyday overstimulation and stressful situations, come more and more back to our center, become calmer and thereby gain more clarity about our thoughts and feelings. Through the interaction with the activation of the pineal gland, intuition and creativity are strengthened. A zone of well-being can emerge.

The most effective way to listen to the sound is through headphones or a good stereo system. Get into a comfortable sitting or lying position, close your eyes, and let yourself fully engage with the music. Give your mind the task of perceiving the music.

Take a deep breath and off you go!

Audio sample


Single Audio CD - Soundtrack Clarity
7:58 min playing time, 432 Hz
mastered/written/performed and produced by Silke von Durschefsky 2020
commissioned by 5D hyperwave®
CD in cardboard sleeve

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