This graphic basically provides electrosmog harmonization in the technopathic and geopathic field, as well as all other 5D hyperwave® symbols.

What does it mean? The use of digital devices with mobile and radar and radio technologies (cell phones, smartphones, baby monitors, DECT phones, Bluetooth, etc.) generate electrosmog high frequency. Clearly measurable and cannot be argued away. Experts argue about the limit values.

So that the body does not have to deal with this situation further on the cellular level, these artificial frequencies are immediately converted into tolerable frequencies upon arrival due to the generated natural field. The cells can relax and the metabolism can devote itself to its actual task.

Electrosmog harmonization is a topic that is increasingly coming into the public eye. The number of so-called electrosensitive people is increasing rapidly. The Freiburg Appeal (started in 2002 by a large number of doctors and professors) already drew attention to the effects of too many radio frequencies 15 years ago. At that time, the number of mobile phone towers in Germany was still far below 100,000. In the meantime, the number of 300,000 will soon be reached.